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2nd Anniversary of Oman Billawas on 04.11.2011

It was the traditional Manglorean look with mango leaves, banana stems, tender coconuts, fresh flowers from Mangalore and colourful rangoli that welcomed almost 600 Billawa community members who had gathered in large numbers to celebrate the 2nd Anniversary of Oman Billawas, on 04.11.2011, at The Grand Hall, Hotel Al Falaj, in Muscat.

Brahma Shri Narayana Guru’s altar was beautifully decorated by Mr Vishwanath Suvarna, along with his team. The programme started with lighting of the lamp by the Founding Committee members, Mrs & Mr Ashok Suvarna, SK Poojary, Mrs & DrAnchan CK, Mrs & Mr Umesh Bantwal, along with the Working Committee members, M/s AJ Sanil, Guruprasad Amin, Gangadhar Poojary, H Suhan, Suchethana Anchan, Ramakrishna & Kavitha Sanil.

The following elite group of VIP’s were present to grace the occasion and all were felicitated by Oman Billawas:

Dr Satish Nambiar President, Indian Social Club, Muscat by Mr Anand J Sanil

From India:

Mrs & Mr Suresh Poojary President – Billawa Balaga by Mr Ashok Suvarna
and flower bouquet by MrsVaishali Ashok
Mrs & Mr Naveen Chandra Suvarna President- Akhila Bharitiya Billawara Union / Narayana Guru Education Trust by Mr S K Poojary and flower bouquet by Mrs Kavitha R Sanil
Prof. Tukaram Poojary & Rani Abbakka Tulu Adhyayana Kendra / Tulu Baduku
Prof. Ashalatha S Poojary Vasthu Sangrahalaya by Mr Umesh Bantwal and flower bouquet by Mrs Suchethana Anchan
Dr Ganesh Amin Sankamar Karnataka Sahitya Academy Award Winner by
Dr Anchan CK
Mr Chennakeshava Trustee – Shree Narayana Guru Charitable Trust by
Mr H Suhan
Mr Chandrasekhar Nanil Trustee – Shree Narayana Guru Charitable Trust by
Mr NarayanaPoojary
Mr Jayanand Trustee – Shree Narayana Guru Charitable Trust by
Mr Jayanth Salian

From Gulf:
Mr Daya Kirodian Co-founder of Billawa Balaga, Bahrain by
Mr Guru Prasad Amin
Mr Raj Kumar President – Gulf Billawas and Kannada Sangha, Bahrain by
Mr Gangadhar Poojary
Mr Krishna Anchan Hon. President, Bahrain Billawas by Mr Krishna Prasad
Mr Suchit Kumar Ex- President, Gulf Billawas by Mr Gangadhar S Poojary
Mr Jitendra Suvarna President – Billawas Dubai & Northern Emirates by
Dr Praveen Kumar
Mr Praveen Kumar Attavar Vice President – Billawas Dubai & Northern Emirates by
Mr Ramakrishna

Mr Uday Kumar Kateel Secretary – Billawas Dubai & Northern Emirates by
Mr Uday Kumar
Mr Ashok Anchan By MrUmesh – Sohar
Mr Diwakar Poojary Gen. Sec – Qatar Billawas by Mr Kushal Bangera

Mr Ashok Suvarna in his welcome address extended a warm welcome to the VIP’s & the audience. He also briefly touched upon the achievements and activities of Oman Billawas during the past year and also our plans for the future. Mr Suvarna, also congratulated all the team members for their contribution and hard work to make the occasion a grand affair.

A minute’s silence was observed in fond memory of our late President Shri PB Alke, after which Mr Sudhir Kumar from Sohar spoke about the evolution of Oman Billawas.

The Chief guest for the day, Dr Sathish Nambiar, along with Mr & Mrs Suresh Poojary, Mr&Mrs Navin Chandra Suvarna all the other invited guests, Founding Members and Working Committee members, inaugurated the function by lighting the lamp on stage. Dr Sathish Nambiar then spoke a few words encouraging the Oman Billawas in their endeavours and appreciated their the hard work for the show as well as their social commitment towards the community.

Mr Suresh Poojary in his speech, stressed the importance of education and the need to encourage this among our younger generation. In his speech, he announced his desire to contribute an amount of Rs 100,000/- to the activities of Billawas in Oman. Mr Naveen Chandra Suvarna, spoke about the need for our community members to take the lead in various activities and Dr Ganesh Amin Sankamar then spoke about the evolution of the Billawa community and their contribution to the Tulu society. MrJayanand, spoke about the activities of Shree Gurunarayana Charitable trust and presented a short video clip on the same. Prof Mr Thukaram Poojary spoke about the restoration of the ancient Tulu culture and his interest of establishing a museum depicting the stories of Tuluva Nadu. Prof. Mrs Ashalatha Poojary addressed the younger generation stopping the unnecessary expenditure on occasion like marriages etc. and appealed Oman Billawas to take the lead to support this rally.

All the other VIP’s also spoke a few words congratulating Oman Billawas on their 2nd Anniversary and encouraging them in their future endeavours.

The Chief Guest and all VIP guests were then honoured with the presentation of a shawl and memento by the Founding Committee members, Working Committee members and other prominent members of our Community.

A Souvenir prepared to commemorate this occasion was released by the Chief Guest and copies of the same was presented to the VIP’s. Messages from well wishers in India, the Gulf as well as Oman along with all the previous years’ activities of Oman Billawas are displayed in this souvenir. Relevant pictures captured on these occasions are also nicely displayed in the souvenir. All members were handed over copies of this souvenir subsequently.

Before the lunch break, Mr AJ Sanil thanked the Chief Guest and all the VIP’s who had accepted our invitation to attend our 2nd Anniversary celebrations. He also took this opportunity to thank all our Corporate well wishers who had come forward to help us and also to our members who had contributed their mite to bring out the Souvenir. All members & their families who had come forward to participate in the day’s activities and arrangements were profusely thanked by Mr Sanil, without whose contributions this function would not have taken off.

The cultural activities commenced after a sumptuous lunch at the Al Falaj Hotel along with specialty dishes of Mangalore also separately organized.

Ms Shreya Bangera, as usual started the cultural activities with her performance of an Odissi dance. This was followed by a Kannada dance ballet “ Naada Geethe” by our Children – M/s Gowri Gangadhar, Mithali Sudhir, Isha Kotian, Spoorthy Uppoor, Mihika Anchan, Prachi Sandeep, Jhanvi Kotian, Prajnya Dinesh, Meghna Dinesh, Krithika Poojary, Sukhada Mohite,Samarth Suvarna, Vishhav Poojary, Rakshit Poojary, Ronak Suvarna, Sharan Bantwal, Shashwath Uday, Shlok Ail, Kiran K Anchan, Diya Kotian,Ashmith Amin,Swasti Uppoor,Prishya Sudheer, Sai Gyan and Smt Preeti Uday, directed by Mrs Neel Anchan and Mrs Suchethana. Next, the Sohar team came up with a Hindi folk dance by M/s Harish Suvarna, Vidya Harish. Nitin Raj, Anitha Ravikanth, Anil Kumar, Vijaya Laxmi Vittal, Sanath Kumar Bangera and VarshaUmesh.
Umesh Jeppu along with M/s Gangadhar S Poojary, Thilothama Poojary, Sridhar Amin &RakshitPoojary performed a hilarious short Tulu skit “Kalpuna Malla Atthe Kalpauna Malla”, directed by Mrs Prema Umesh, which was enjoyed by all.
Mrs Suvi Bangara, then choreographed a beautiful ramp walk by our ladies – “The Brides of India”, which had the ladies sashaying down the ramp in exquisite bridal dresses &jewellery. M/s Chandini Sudhir, Rashmi Gangadhar, Prafulla Shankar, Kripa Sujith, Prathima Sukumar, Dr. Naina Hemachandra, Sapna Vittal, Thilothama Gangadhar, Amitha Sridhar,Anita Shanker Uppoor,Sheetal Sudesh, Pooja Shiv Prakash, Shiva Prakash, and Baby Prisha Sudheer were dazzling in their costumes. The Sohar team came next with a skit in Tulu – “Bhaktha Kanakadasa”, which had beautiful props put up, with M/s Umesh, Vittal Poojary, Mast Hrithik, Praveen Kumar, Prashanth Suvarna, Dinesh Kumar, Sunil Kumar, Vasanth, Anand, Chandra, Anil, Harish and family and Ravikanth and family nicely bringing out the famous incident of “Bhaktha Kanaka” getting a darshan of Lord Krishna. This was followed M/s Harish Suvarna, Nitin Raj, Anitha Ravikanth, Varsha Umesh, Anil Kumar, Vijaya Laxmi Vittal, Sanath Kumar Bangera, Chandra Poojary, Prashanth Suvarna, Jitendra Kotian, Santhosh Kumar, D C Sanil and Vittal Poojary from Sohar performing a dance depicting a kids classroom sequence.

The kids (M/s Gauri Gangadhar, Mihika Anchan, Mithali Sudhir, Prachi Sandeep, Janvi Kotian, Krithika Poojary, Spoorthy Uppoor, Prajnya Dinesh, Meghna Dinesh, Sukhada Mohite, Kiran K Anchan, Siddarth, Sharan Umesh, Samarth Suvarna, Rakshith Poojary, Ronak Suvarna, Shlok Ail, Shashwat Uday and Vishbhav poojary) then put up a peppy “Fusion dance”, mixing a old Hindi song along with a latest Hindi number, to give a nice fusion of the old with the new. This was followed by a nice Bollywood dance by our ladies M/s Pramila Chandrakanth, Sheethal Sudesh, Bindu Mohithe, Dr Naina Hemachandra, & Amitha Sridhar. Both these dances were directed by Mrs Neel Anchan.

Mr Ramakrishna & team ( M/s Guruprasad Amin, Mahesh Salian, Gitesh Sanil, Sunil Salian, Shamith, Vishwanath Suvarna, Mahesh Salian Naveen Kotian, Madhu put up a short drama on “Brahma Shree Narayana Guru”, which was appreciated by all.

The finale was the Yakshagana ballet performance by our youngsters – M/s Gautham Kotian, Kaushik Attavar, Shreyas Poojary, Karthik Kundar, Sridhar, Ms Akshatha, Mahesh Jeppu and Anubhav Anchan, wherein they depicted the slaying of the demon Mahishasura and Chanda – Munda, by goddess Durga. This was directed by Mr Gangadhar Poojary and brought in thunderous applause from the audience.

The lucky audience prizes, saw 9 high value / utility prizes being given away to the lucky few, after which the crowd dispersed, after having enjoyed a great day along with members of the community. The presenter of the day was M/s Al Amin Golden Enterprises.

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