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Children’s Talent Show / Competition and Annual Vanasda Parba

It was all happening on 22nd November, 2013, inside Al Maasa Hall at Ruwi, Oman. You could see the bright sunlight inside wherein more than 400 Oman Billawas with their families had assembled to participate in the “CHILDREN’S TALENT SHOW” – a platform for young Billawas to showcase their talent – and also to celebrate “VANASDA PARBA” – the Annual Food Festival of the Billawa community in Oman.

The heavy rain and the sultry weather notwithstanding, the Billawa community in Oman were present in full strength to participate in the day’s proceedings. The programme commenced with the lamp being lit by the President, Committee members and Ladies Wing members. Mrs. Suchethana Anchan and Mr. Umesh Jeppu welcomed the gathering and appreciated the overwhelming participation of the ladies and children, duly supported by the men.

The President Shri Ashok Suvarna while welcoming the gathering appreciated the keen interest taken by the Women’s Wing, who have been functioning as a great team in bringing out a number of such programs. The Vice President Mr SK Poojary, in his speech seconded the Presidents words.

It was yet another day filled with food, fun and frolic for the children, ladies as well as men folk, as the ‘Biruvedis’ had planned out an exciting evening for all those who had gathered there, by organising a “Children’s Talent Show”, followed by the “Vanasda Parba”.

The tiny tots, juniors as well as senior children participated in large numbers in the various activities, competing among themselves, proving a point to the elders, who cheered and encouraged the children as the events unfolded one after the other. There were ‘Shlokha recitals’, ‘Fancy dress’, Singing and Dance competitions for various age groups, with the youngest competitor being 1 year old and the oldest 12 years old. The programme was immensely enjoyed by everyone with melodious Songs and Karaoke Music by our fellow Billawa male & female members, as well as children, ably supported by members of the Cultural wing.

The children were judged by our in-house panel of judges consisting of Mrs. Prashanthi Suvarna, Mrs. Akshatha Amin, Ms. Shreya Bangera, Mr. Rajnish Sanil, & Mr. Harish Sanil.    The winners of the various events were:


1st Place

2nd Place

3rd Place


Dancing Gr. 1 (Age: 3- 7 years) Mst. Sayi Gyan Sudesh Ms. Prisha Sudhir  
Dancing Gr. 2(Age: 8 years & above) Ms. Prachi Sandip Ms. Gauri G. Poojary Ms. Mithali A Sudhir
Singing Gr. 1 (Age: 3- 7 years) Mst. Sayi Gyan Sudesh Ms. Diya Subhakar


Singing Gr. 2(Age: 8 years & above) Ms. Rija & Mst. Raj Kotian Mst. Dhyan  R. Poojary Ms. Janvi Kotian
Shloka Reciting Gr. 1(Age: 3- 7 years) Mst. Sayi Gyan Sudesh Ms. Diya Guruprasad Ms. Prisha Sudhir
Shloka Reciting Gr. 2 (Age: 8 years & above) Ms. Mithali A Sudhir Ms. Gauri  G. Poojary Mst. Varun Bangera
Fancy Dress Gr. 1(Age: 1-3 years) Mst. Ayush Amin Mst. Chiranvi Salian Ms. Sanabhi Ail
Fancy Dress Gr. 2(Age: 4- 7 years) Mst. Dhyan  R. Poojary Mst. Sayi Gyan Sudesh Ms. Likitha S. Kotian
Fancy Dress Gr. 3(Age: 8 years & above) Ms. Spoorthy Shankar    

Spot prizes were given away to members, who participated and won in the various quizzes & games arranged on this occasion.

The women had taken lots of trouble to prepare delicious, mouth-watering, authentic Manglorean home-made delicacies. Even some of our young bachelors tried out their culinary skills to prepare some more popular dishes.

Apart from Muscat, ladies from Al Khodh, Seeb, Barkha, Nizwa, Wudham, Sohar and Ibri had taken the trouble of cooking delicious Manglorean cuisine and participated in this family get-together.

The detailed list of participants along with menu is as below:

1. Umesh Jeppu                   – Fish curry(bangude), rice

2. Prema Umesh                  – Chicken sukka, kudutha chutney

3. Surekha                            – Uppad roti

4. Suguna Poojary               – Idli, sambhar

5. Chandni Sudhir               – Chicken sukka, rice

6. Sheetal Sudesh               – Idli, eggs

7. Rashmi Gangadhar        – Chicken curry, Rice noodles

8. Roopa Sandip                  – Chicken sukka,rice noodles

9. Shobha Prashant                        – Chicken sukka

10. Suchethana Anchan    – Chicken curry, eggs, rice, Idli

11. Rupal Guruprasad        – Chicken curry,eggs

12. Pramila Chandu                        – Chicken sukka

13. Geeta Bangera              – Mix veg pulav

14. Asha Salian                   – Raitha

15. Vaishali Ashok              – Chicken Sukka, jeera rice

16. Anita Shankar                – Rice, Payasa,Neer dosa

17. Kavitha Sanil                 – Chicken sukka,eggs,idli,ladoo

18. Suvi Bangera                 – Chicken curry, eggs, idli

19. S.K. Poojary                    – Mutton curry, Ghee rice

20. Nishmitha R Poojary     – Chicken curry

21. Tilothama G. Poojary    – Pathrode,Padengi batata gassi

22. Gayatri Rohan               – Chicken curry

23. Prafulla Shankar           – Godhi Payasa, bombe kadle da sukka

24. Jyothi Raju Poojary       – Payasa, sambhar, salad

25. Priya Shailesh               – Chicken sukka ,rice

26. Divya Vijaykumar          – Baareda iretha gatti

27. Geeta Hariprasad          – Bangude pulimunchi

28. Prasad Amin & team     – Bangude Rava fry, salad

29. Krishnappa Poojary      – Manjal da iretha gatti

30. Naina Ail                         – Chicken curry, salad

31. Madhuri Suvarna          – Mutton curry, eggs

32. Kripa Sujith Anchan     – Idli, egg masala

33. Jayashri Kotian              – Padengi Potato, chicken sukka,             kudutha chutney

34. Preeti Uday                     – Podi Etty Chatni, Peleta iretha Kottige,             Plain rice,

Bareda iretha gunda

35. Manuja Suhan               – Chicken curry, appa, eggs

36. Bhavani Kotian              – Chicken curry

37. Amitha Shridhar                        – Kadle manoli, Chicken Sukka

38. Sapna Vittal Poojary     – Chicken sukka

39. P.K.Anchan                    – Chicken Curry, salad, pickle

40. Sabita Vinod                  – Neer dosa,Batata vatani

41. Ranjini Poojary              – Batata vatani, Neer dosa

42. Sowmya Mahesh          – Eggs curry, boiled rice, idli

43. Jaya Subhakar              – Godhi Payasa

44. Leelavati Chandrashekhar- Neer Dosa

45. Pratima S Anchan         – Gunda, kadle manoli sukka

46. Akshatha R Amin          – Kori Roti

47. Vidya Kamlash              – Sambhar, rice

48. Prathiba Shashiraj        – Fish puli munchi

49. Kala Sanil                       – Gunda

50. Bindu Mohithe               – Laddoos

The ladies had proudly displayed an abundant variety of Vegetarian & Non-vegetarian mouth-watering Mangalorean dishes. It consisted of Kori-sukka, Kori Gasi, Mutton curry, Fish fry, Fish pulimunchi, Fish curry, Egg masala, Egg curry, Boiled egg, Ettida poditha chutney, etc. For the Vegetarians, there was Kadle manoli, Batata batani, Kudutha Chutney, Padengi batata, Bambe kadle gassi, different types of Sambar etc. Also in abundance, one could find Neer-dosas, Appa, Semeda-adde, Pundis, Gunda, Kottige, Pathrode, Idlis, Bareda iretha gatti, Manjalda iretha gatti, Ghee rice, Pulao, Biriyani, Boiled rice and Rottis, not to mention a variety of Salads/raithas, Chatpata pickles, Chutney’s, Payasams and different kinds of sweets.

The evening of celebration came to a close with the Raffle draw where 11 high value gifts like LED TV, Microwave oven, Watch, Perfume, Dinner sets, etc., were given away to the lucky winners, before dinner.

The function was an overwhelming success, thanks to support from our members, M/s Ashok Suvarna, Dr Anchan CK, Shankar Uppoor and Manohar Salian. Each and every member along with their families thoroughly enjoyed the entertainment by the children, followed by the sumptuous food, which had everyone floored.

Another well-deserved feather in the cap of the Women’s wing of Oman Billawas – Three cheers to all of them.


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