Committee 2018

S/N Role Name Contact Number
1 President Mrs. Suchethana Anchan 99681466
2 Vice President Mr. Suhan H 99477846
3 General Secretary Mrs. Shobha Dayanand 97481058
4 Finance Secretary Mr. Nithin Kumar 92719485
5 Finance Team Member Mr. Vijay Kumar 96960423
6 Cultural Secretary Mr. Amitha Sridhar 96194615
7 Sohar Cordinator & Cultural Team Member Mr. Krishna Prasad 99491469
8 Cultural Team Member Mr. Harish Suvarna 96949832
9 Cultural Team Member Mr. Vijay Kodialbail 94033816
10 Cultural Team Member Mrs. Shilpa Rajendra 79193808
11 Cultural Team Member Mr. Vittal Poojary (Asrar, Sohar)  99002638
12 Cultural Team Member Mrs. Ashwini Rohidas 95683831
13 Communication Secretary Mr. Shivanand Kotian 95124732
14 Communication Team Member Mr. Karthik Kunder 98048079
15 Logostics Secretary Mr. Arun Bangera 93722840
16 Logistics Team Member Mr. Vittal Poojary 99705821
17 Logistics Team Member Mr. Sathish Suvarna (Nizwa) 94251750
18 Logistics Team Member Mr. Purushottam Urva 99706468
19 Sports Secretary Mr. Surendra Amin 99363904
20 Sports Team Member Mr. Praveen Amin 94014327

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