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Cricket Tournament – 2013

There were 8 teams, 8 Promoters and 7 matches involving 120 Players and 8 Captains, all vying for one trophy – The BPL Trophy (Billawas Premier League – Oman Billawas equivalent of the IPL – Indian Premier League), on Friday, 29.12.2013 at the Sojex Ground in Al Gobrah, Oman.

It was a festive atmosphere at the Sojex grounds, where more than 250 enthusiastic Biruvas along with their wives and children, who had gathered to cheer their favorite teams’ right from the morning till evening.

This year’s Annual Billawa’s Cricket Tournament was declared open by the Vice President Mr SK Poojary, at 7.30 am, who in his inaugural speech encouraged all the players to participate in this tournament in the right spirit of sportsmanship till the end. Whole hearted participation is more important than winning or losing he said, while urging one and all to put in their full effort to ensure that this imitative of the Sports Committee of Oman Billawas was a success. He applauded the dedication and hard work that has been put in by our Sports secretary Mr Gangadhar Poojary, who along with able support from M/s Sujith Anchan, Mahesh Salian and their team have ensured that this tournament is happening today.

Mr Gangadhar Poojary in his speech encouraged all the players to play fair and all the members and families to cheer the teams to perform better. He also took the opportunity to thank all our Sponsors and well-wishers, who have joined hands in making this event possible.

There were 8 teams participating in the tournament, played on a ‘knock-out’ format. Each of the teams was present at the venue along with their worthy Sponsors as well as well-wishers who were there to cheer the teams, wearing their unique colours.

Sl. No.



Sponsor /Organisation


Shivagiri  XI Mr. Sukumar Anchan Mr. Uday Kumar,Nama Projects/Ember Telecom


Kudroli  XI Mr. Shamith Bangera Dr. Anchan C.KWorld Wide Business House


Katapady XI Mr. Ashwil Kumar Mr. S. K. Poojary


Garadi Balaga Mr. Praveen Amin Mr. Kushal BangeraArabian Roadways


Birduda Biruver Mr. Naveen Kotian Mr. Ashok SuvarnaNPA Events


Mumbai Billawas Mr. Kamalaksh Kotian Mr. Chandrakant Kotian,Oasis Ideal Trading


Billawa Challengers Mr. Manohar Salian Mr. Mahesh Salian


Star Billawas Mr. Shailesh Poojary Mr. Guru Prasad Amin,Al Amin Golden Enterprises

After 4 engrossing first round matches, the semi-finalists were decided – The battle lines were drawn and the matches were to be played between:

Shivagiri XI vs Mumbai Billawas (Semi-final 1) and

Billawa Challengers vs Star Billawas (Semi-final 2)

9 was the magic figure in both the Semi-final matches, with Shivagiri XI winning their match by trashing their opponents by 9 wickets while Billawa Challengers won their match, which was more closely fought one, by a slender margin of 9 runs only.

Live ball-by-ball commentary for the entire tournament was provided by Mr. Srinivas Poojary who kept the spectators entertained with his light hearted jokes and anecdotes, along with able support from M/s Harish Poojary & Sunil Poojary.

The exciting final held in the evening, between Shivagiri XI and Billawa Challengers was a very keenly fought match, with fortunes swinging both ways during the course of the match. Shivagiri XI finally turned out victorious, defeating Billawa Challengers by a margin of 17 runs, thanks to some good batting by M/s Gitesh Sanil and Sukumar Anchan, with good support and an all-round team effort from all the other players. It was a fitting finale to a great day of entertaining cricket.


Sponsor :  Mr. UDAY KUMAR

TEAM      :

  1. Sujith Anchan (Captain)           8.  Tilak Suvarna
  2. Sukumar Anchan                        9.  Taranath Kotian
  3. Surendra Anchan                      10.  Adarsh Poojary
  4. Somanath Poojary                     11.  Prasad M Amin
  5. Gitesh Sanil                                12.  Praveen Poojary
  6. Jitesh Poojary                             13.  Srinivas Poojary
  7. Sandesh Bangera


Sponsor        :  Mr. MAHESH SALIAN

TEAM             :

  1. Prakash Bellur (Captain)            8.  Arun Bangera
  2. Manohar Salian                            9.  Sunil Salian
  3. Sathish Barkur                            10.  Raghavendra S
  4. Praveen Poojary                         11.  Gangadhar Poojary
  5. Niran Kumar                               12.  Bharath Poojary
  6. Surendra Amin                           13.  Prasanth Katpady
  7. Prasanth Poojary

It was the ‘Men in Blue’ – Players from Shivagiri XI, who also made a clean sweep of the ‘Best Player’ awards in the tournament by bagging the following awards:

Man of the Match (Finals)              – Mr. Gitesh Sanil -24 runs (n.o) & 2wickets

Man of the Tournament                  – Mr. Sukumar Anchan with 39 runs & 4 wickets.

Best Batsman (Tournament)          – Mr. Sukumar Anchan with 39 runs

Best Bowler (Tournament)             – Mr. Somanath Poojary with 8 wickets

Mementos were presented to all the Sponsors, well-wishers and Umpires, with the Winners and Runner-up Cup awarded to Shivagiri XI and Billawa Challengers respectively.

Uppma-Bajil for breakfast, Biryani for lunch and Golibaje for snacks in the evening was arranged for all the players as well as guests by M/s Guru Prasad Amin, Chandrakant Kotian and their team.

It was another wonderful day full of fun and excitement for the members and families of Oman Billawas.


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