It was brain child and long cherished dream to bring the birds of same feather together for the benefit of Billawa community as whole.Six members of astute and well-known in their own respective fields came together to form “OMAN BILLAWAS”. These members have been playing vital role towords the development of various community and especially from Karnataka.

Shri Pitamber B Alke- president and the other Five founding members Shri.S.K.Poojari, Shri.Ashok Suvarna, Shri.Arun Sanil,Shri Umesh Bantwal and Dr.Anchan C.K. along with Other leading community members who also shared the same vision and had the passion and commitment to realise the dream of bringing all the Billawa members together under one common platform.

History was written by Oman Billawas, on 17th April 2009, when more than 700 Billawas came all over from Oman, for their Inaugural meet at ALMASA hall Ruwi – Sultanate of Oman. This is was probably one of most memorable days for Billawas in Oman, who were waiting such occasion since years.

Oman Billawas does not only focus in bringing the community in Oman together but also aims to protect, preserve, and promote Tulunadu’s ethnic and sociocultural heritage, to promote and celebrate festivals, and to provide financial assistance to the needy and deserving.

The philiosophy of ‘one caste, one faith and one religion’ as propounded by the Brahmashri Narayana Guru Swami must be followed in principle. The differences in caste and religion should not come in the way of progress. There is a need to work towards tackling social and educational backwardness. In addition,lectures, symposiums,debates, and discussions will be held from time to time to higlight and resolve some of the issues faced by Billawa community. It also calls on using the ideas, brainstorming to help enhance the skills and help the community.

Oman Billawas have families and friends coming over from different place of Oman Viz Muscat, Sohar, Nizwa, Salalah, etc that froms a perfect bridge amongst all community living across Oman. It is a platform to share the happiness, grief, achievements with friends and near and dear ones from the great land of Tulunadu creating a home away from home creating a sense of belongingness.

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