Well Wishers

Important Note : The listing of names are based on Surnames. We are currently in the process of uploading the photographs and names. We sincerely regret, In case if your name/photograph is not appearing, request you to contact Mr.H.D Suvarna GSM: 99315709 Mr. Madhu Suvarna GSM: 99808335 Note:The photographs when enlarged may loss its clarity, due to poor quality of the original photograph

Platinum Wishes

Shri.Alke P. B. & Fly.
Shri.Poojary S. K. & Fly.
Shri.Suvarna Ashok & Fly.
Shri.Sanil Arun & Fly.
Shri.Bantwal Umesh & Fly.
Dr. Anchan C. K. & Fly.
Shri.Amin Prasad & Fly.
Shri.Shivanag Poojary & Fly


Gold Wishes

Shri.Nakre Arunprakash & Fly.
Shri. Poojary Gangadhar & Fly..
Dr.Pravin & Fly.
Shri.Shri. Sanil Anand & Fly..
Dr.Shodhan & Fly..


Silver Wishes

Shri.Amin Ganesh & Fly.
Shri.Amin Sudhir Kumar & Fly.
Shri.Anchan K. N. & Fly.
Shri.Anchan Sujith & Fly.
Shri.Anuj & Fly.
Shri.Bangara Amarjit & Fly.
Shri.Bangera Kushala & Fly..
Shri.Kotian Narayana & Fly.
Shri.Poojary Dinesh L. & Fly.
Shri.Poojary Dinesh U. & Fly.
Shri.Poojary Gopal & Fly.
Shri.Poojary Ramesh & Fly.
Shri.Poojary Umesh & Fly.
Shri.Poojary Vittal & Fly.
Shri.Prasad Krishna & Fly.
Shri.Raghuchandra K. & Fly.
Shri.Ramkrishna & Fly.
Shri.Sanil Kavitha & Fly.
Shri.Suhan H. & Fly.
Shri.Suvarna H. D. & Fly.
Shri.Suvarna Madhu & Fly.
Shri.Uday Kumar & Fly.
Bronze Wishes

Shri.Amin N. S. & Fly.
Shri.Belamkar Aravind & Fly.
Shri.Damodhar & Fly.
Shri.Kotian Chandrakanth N. & Fly.
Shri.Madhava Ravi & Fly.
Shri.Poojary Satish & Fly.
Shri.Prasad Hari & Fly.
Shri.Ram & Fly.
Shri.Sujan & Fly.
Smt.Suvarna Madhuri & Fly.
Shri.Uppoor Shankar & Fly.

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